SACWD and Embassy of India hold specialized meeting on “Nezami`s Influence in India”


Friday, 08 March,2024 | Code : 2763

SACWD and Embassy of India hold specialized meeting on “Nezami`s Influence in India”


The specialized meeting on “Nezami`s Influence in India” was held by the Society for the Appreciation of Cultural Works and Dignitaries (SACWD) with the cooperation of the Cultural Center of the Embassy of India in Tehran, in the presence of a group of scholars and researchers of Persian language and literature in the Jondishapour Library, Iran Mall complex.
Mahmood Shalooei, head of the SACWD, said in his opening remarks: “Nezami begins his Panj Ganj with ‘in the name of God’ as the key for the readers to better understand Panj Ganj.” 
He added: “Hakim Nezami does not only belong to Persian speakers; his poetry and thought are always admired by the world of science and literature.”
In another part of his remarks, the advisor to the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance said: “Persian language has a special place in India where numerous Persian poets and scholars are buried and Persian is spoken widely across the country.”
He further emphasized: “Persian is the language of love, affection, knowledge and spirituality, and Hakim Nezami is also one of the scholars of Persian language and literature who described "love" in the best way in the story of "Khosrow and Shirin" with the view that "Shirin" is the symbol of chastity and at the same time introduces wise love to his audience. Also, in the story "Leili and Majnoon" he depicts "love" as the full length mirror of light and brightness.”
In another part of this specialized meeting, Rudra Gaurav Shresth, Ambassador of India to Iran and Balram Shukla, Director of the Indian Cultural Centre in Tehran delivered speeches and at the end, the Indian Qawwali music was performed by a master Qawwali ensemble.” 
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