SACWD holds commemoration of late Iranian Cleric, Ayatollah Fateminia


Thursday, 09 November,2023 | Code : 2173

SACWD holds commemoration of late Iranian Cleric, Ayatollah Fateminia

The commemoration of Ayatollah Abdollah Fateminia (RA), the late Iranian cleric and scholar of Islamic ethics, was held with the presence of a large number of professors and scholars at the Society for the Appreciation of Cultural Works and Dignitaries (SACWD).

At the beginning of the ceremony, Mahmood Shalooei, head of the SACWD, after reading the message of the Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, in his opening remarks said: “Ayatollah Fateminia had such a sweet and plain tone that attracted the audience from all walks of life; the key personality trait that eloquent orators should share. He appeared not as an orator, but as a scientist and a prominent scholar who attracted everyone with his eloquent speech. This is the main reason why he gained popularity among many people.”
He went on speaking highlighting the point that: “Speakers should employ various skills to communicate with youth in their language and convey our religious teachings effectively to them, because if we can drive their interest in our religion and culture they don’t need to pursue foreign cultures.”
Next speaker, Ayatollah Gholamreza Fayazi, head of the Supreme Assembly of Islamic Wisdom, declared: "Some people follow the path of reason and according to the Qur'an, transcend to the highest level of enlightenment, where the Prophet and his guardians have the highest position and next are scholars. Among these scholars was the late Professor Fateminia (RA) who I was honored to benefit from his sermons in many meetings. I hope we all follow the path of this prominent scholar.”
Ayatollah Morteza Javadi Amoli, head of Isra` International Foundation for Revelation Sciences, said at the beginning of his remarks: "Ayatollah Fateminia's speech was gentle and enjoyable to many; thereby, he was welcomed by the society." However, he was blessed to have such a personality trait deep inside which should be represented to the society. He was a professor of ethics and mysticism, and the range of subjects and areas of study which he engaged himself with in his academic career and intellectual life was instructive that falls within the Islamic sciences. Although they tried to express these teachings in an easy language, his speech was those of wisdom and knowledge, ethics and mysticism.”
Elsewhere in the ceremony, Manoochehr Sadooghi Saha, a professor and researcher of Islamic wisdom and mysticism, addressed the issue and said: “The men of knowledge say that Sharia is like a doctor's prescription. Practicing Sharia requires Tariqa. If a man doesn’t believe in the truth of religion, they will not believe in it. Sharia, like the discussion of existence, has a questioning aspect, so the circumstances and times must always be considered by religious scholars. Ayatollah Fateminia was one of the eminent scholars who paid a special attention to this matter.”
In his turn, Sabah Zanganeh, a researcher and university professor asserted: “Professor Fateminia had such a comprehensive and perfect personality who believed in the middle ground in the field of thought, which was jurisprudence and mysticism.”
At the end of this ceremony, Hojjat al-Salam Seyed Hossein Fateminia, son of Ayatollah Abdollah Fateminia, while appreciating the Society for honoring the cultural and scientific personality of Ayatollah Fateminia, shared some memories of his father`s scientific, cultural and mystic conduct with the audience.”
In conclusion, the new edition of the two-volume book " Nokteha az Gofteha ", a selection of the speeches of Ayatollah Fateminia (RA), which was published by Noor Ma'arif Publishing House, was unveiled. Also, a certificate of appreciation was awarded by head of the Society to Hojjat al-Islam Seyed Hossein Fateminia as the representative of the family of this late scholar.
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