Student robotics team meets head of SACWD


Monday, 31 July,2023 | Code : 1374

Student robotics team meets head of SACWD

Iranian student robotics team to the World Robot Conference 2023 in Beijing met with Mahmood Shalooei, Head of the Society for the Appreciation of Cultural Works and Dignitaries (SACWD).

In this meeting, head of the SACWD welcomed the elite students and paid tribute to the country's outstanding dignitaries such as Allameh Mohammad Taghi Jafari saying: “Iranian talented youth should rely on their abilities and develop it to rank in the future among the prominent dignitaries who are introduced and honored at SACWD.”
Elsewhere in his remarks, while narrating stories about prophets and great Iranian personalities quoted poems of Rumi and Attar Neishabouri in his address to the robotic students to explain about Iran's cultural issues and elites and the activities of the SACWD.
In his turn, Nader Nobakht, head of the student robotics team appreciated head of SACWD for inciting the team saying: "The team will head to Beijing starting August 6th to attend the World Robotics Competition to be held from August 10th to 15th. The under-17 world competition includes five different leagues, GPS, Ragbee, Creativity, Sumo, and Technical Report.”
He added: “A team of 42 Iranian students and six coaches will attend the competition. The students are from different provinces of Khorasan, Fars, Gilan, Tehran, Alborz and Kurdistan. In this team, eleven students have already participated in the world championships, two of them in the 2019 Malaysia championships and 9 in the 2022 Delhi championships.”
At the end of the meeting, prizes were awarded by the head of the SACWD to the selected robotics students.

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